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Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with more than 35 million speakers in the United States only. So a Spanish translation of the Bible is very useful both for people in Spanish-speaking countries and for those that speak Spanish as a second language. This BibleMax module is such translation. It is based on the Biblia de las Americas by the Lockman Foundation, which is one of the most authoritative Spanish versions since it was made directly from the original Aramean, Hebrew and Greek texts. The difference between both versions is that the Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos is written in a more modern language, and thus is more accessible to contemporary readers. For example, it uses the "tú" voice instead of "vos", which is old-fashioned and may hinder the reading for Latin Americans, who don't use this voice.

This module comes on a free CD-ROM that you can order on the developer's site by paying only the P&H costs. The CD-ROM also contains BibleMax core program and a huge amount of Bible versions, as well as commentaries, references, maps, illustrations and so on. Please take into account that you will need a font that supports Spanish accents and the "ñ" letter to correctly display this module.

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